Another Difference: Recourse

Using classified sites and social networks to find service providers is one option people have available to them these days, but when you do, you lack on very important thing: recourse if something goes wrong.

When you find a service provider this way, you are putting all your faith in what they say, taking it at face value, and gambling that they will deliver as promised. We don't think people should have to take that kind of risk.

Ratings and Reviews

One of the most important tools we have these days is ratings and reviews. But that's not something that you get on classified sites and social media.

We've built it right into the platform. So service providers AND customers can rate and review their experiences, helping others to make informed choices about who they work with.

To use ratings and reviews on this site, make sure you complete the hiring process here. You'll still do the work as normal, and pay offline as you would anyway, but when the job is done, you can come back here and tell the world about your experience.

Reporting Problems

If ratings and reviews aren't enough, and things have gone horribly wrong, you've also got the option to open a help ticket to create a formal dispute. We will ask for proof from both parties, and if there is evidence that someone did not do what they had agreed to, we will consider suspending or terminating their account here.

We do encourage people to use the on site communication tools for this reason. It's a lot easier to figure out what happened if we have access to your messages.

Here's more about how the dispute process works:


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