We're All About Helping Small Businesses Grow

Jobbie.ca is not the first service marketplace out there. But we're certainly not like all the others. For one thing, we're not desperately trying to keep our users from connecting outside of the site. In fact, we make it easy. We don't take commissions, or even handle payments. We just make it easy for great service providers to be found, and for customers to find what they need.

Your Service Provider Profile

One of the ways we want to help freelancers, side hustlers and micro businesses to grow their customer base is by building marketing tools right into our site. We've given all the service providers on this site a range of tools they can use to put their best foot forward with customers, including links to their website and social media, and a portfolio for images and document uploads.

You choose how much you share on the site, none of these tools or options are mandatory, but they can help you to find more customers and showcase what you do. Here's a short video explaining how it all works.

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